Kattegat inter-pandemic performative arena

Kattegat is a performative arena part of the independent art scene in Berlin. Kattegat is a space where performance art happens and the artwork itself, posing questions about the mundane, private, public and virtual space, pushing the border of performance art categories. It is the headquartes of the artist duo Kornieieva-Marrese and the festival "preserve memories - provide energy". It comes during the pandemic, aiming to explore the absence of physical presence in the enjoyment of performance acts as a fascinating alternative rather than a weakness.


Performance art arose inside the debate about the blurring of art and life. Putting the discussion under the microscope, we can focus on the idea of mundanely. The "very ordinary and therefore not interesting" could be a quality that divides the ordinary life experience from what is supposed to be the extraordinary art experience, in a broad sense. For around 4 billion people, the Internet is a mundanely' realm. May the performance's artists can interact in this realm, blurring the borders between art and Internet's mundanely? During the pandemic, several art venues streamed performance' art pieces online. The general feeling was that the Internet's streaming was an emergency solution, waiting for a better time to perform off-line again. It is reasonable because, for performance art, the physical presence appears essential. Likewise, in the digital era, the physical absence of the performer, and the performer's body, poses intriguing questions about the relationship between our flesh and blood nature and the nature of our deflected, through the Internet, selves. What if performance artists took streaming as an opportunity to push the art borders again forward instead of perceiving it as a limit?

Kattegat is the performative arena to explore the physical absence constructively.

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